About Clever Rupee

We’re here to make investing smart and effortless. Our technology helps youwith personalised investing recommendations and makes a financial plan to achieve your life goals.

Investing is a continuous process, so our team of experts are constantly tracking your portfolio to tell you when to rebalance or redeem for your goals.

Is it safe? We use bank grade security so you don’t have to worry about your information being secure.

We run with the mission to change your “I can’t afford that” to “How can I afford that”. Tell us how much money you need and when – we’ll run our algorithms and guide you exactly how to achieve that goal.

Our principles of investing

Invest in a well-diversified portfolio.
Invest with a plan – create clear & appropriate investment goals (emergency fund, house, child education, car, etc.).
Do tax efficient investing (Lower your tax outflows, more you earn).
Invest consistently and in a disciplined manner. We encourage rupee cost averaging.