Tech solution for next generation wealth managers

Our solution provides institutions and individual financial advisors a pioneering digital platform to plan, execute & manage their client’s investment portfolio with utmost ease and help focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Why Choose Us

Provide online investing platform to your clients
Platform integrated with YOUR website & YOUR brand name
Paperless client on-boarding & account opening in minutes.
Service clients beyond geographical barriers.
Start new SIPs in record 5 days time.
On-the-go online access to client portfolios & insights.
Executing transactions online without net banking or cheques
Full integrated & paperless online back office
Build your brand
Complete 360-degree support
Goal planning tools for easier client’s financial planning.
Easy & swift management of client family accounts
Personalise each client’s investment and transaction experience

Expand your client base

Clients in the smartphone era now need 24/7 services and online solutions to let them manage their portfolio at the touch of a button. Speak their language of "fintech" and give them true value added services.

Try a fresh and modern take on wealth management.

On an average, distributors spend 50% of their time in paperwork, commute, back office execution and re-conciliation.

This time is non-productive and if rather spent on client acquisition & relationship building, their business can comfortably be doubled.

Our software automates the operational side of your business so you can focus on spending more time with clients and growing your business.

Now deliver the best digital investing experience to your clients.